Snapshots provides you  a full copy of your server data, saving everything on the primary disk to an image within your account,

This’s an easy way to archive your server at a point in time and can be used later to create new server with the same data/contents of the snapshot.

Noting that the snapshot will not includes any Block Storage Volumes attached to that server.

Snapshots are charged separately at a late rate of SAR0.51 / GB per month based on the used space of your server

Snapshots processed live which's mean it doesn't require to power-off your server, but you must power off your Server before restoring it's snapshot.

Two ways to snapshot a server :

1- From inside your server page, by going to your server page, in page's ribbon click "**Snapshots**" tab, then in snapshot sub-page rename your snapshot and press "**Take Snapshot**" button.

2-  From Images main menu of your account, by naming your snapshot and select the desired server you wanna snapshot it from the list of deployed servers, then press "**Take Snapshot**" button.

Also you can restore or delete your snapshots from the 2 places as explained above

Deploy your Snapshot

During deploying process of a new cloud server you'll find the third step is to choose the prefered image whether it a OS image or existing snapshot image,
there you'll find your snapshots to select any of them to be deployed with its data/contents on a new cloud server.

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