Backup is the most convenient way to automatically create disk image of your server's primary disk data/contents, provides you system-level backups at regular intervals,
Which ensure  you've a stable copy to fall back on if there is a problem with your server.

Backups are taken once weekly for each server where they’re enabled and are retained for four weeks. If you want a one-time or on-demand image of your server instead of an ongoing backup, you can use a snapshot instead.

You can enable backups for any server , but they may not be ideal for server  with heavy I/O workloads, such as database servers, because disk writes will have degraded performance while the backup snapshot is being created.

Noting that the backup will not includes any Block Storage Volumes attached to that server.

Backup are charged separately for an additional %25 of your server monthly cost. 

Backup processed live which's mean it doesn't require to power-off your server, and you must power off your Server before restoring it's backup.

Two ways to enable Backup for a server :

1- From inside your server page, by going to your server page, in page's ribbon click "**Snapshots**" tab, then click "Enable Backup" button if it is not enabled

2-  From Images main menu of your account, by selecting the required server you wanna backup, then click "Enable Backup" button.

Also you can disable the Backup for a server form the two places mentioned above as illustrated in below screens.

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