Using firewall is to block unwanted inbound traffic to your cloud server, that will provide your server by a highly effective security layer.
By being very specific about the traffic you allow in you can prevent and avoid  intrusions and network mapping, and allow only the traffic you need and deny everything else. 

So by enabling our OS-level firewall that will block ALL inbound traffic to your cloud server, and you must open only the ports you want to expose to the internet.

Two way to activate the Cloud Firewall:

1- During new server deployment, in "**Additional Options**" section just select "**Enable Firewall**" which will use the default firewall setting,
and if you've exiting firewall group you can select it ,
where you can apply both of them (the default and the exiting) or only one of them

2- From inside your server page, by going to your server page and find "**Add-On**" section on the right side and click on firewall button which will redirect you firewall setting of your server to enable it.

After your enable it that will activate the default firewall group, where you can update its security rules later as you want.

Two ways to update your firewall group

1- From your server page, in the embedded ribbon select "**Setting**" and scroll to "**Firewall**" section, then click فاث desired firewall to be updated and add security rules.

2-  From Firewall menu, where you can manage (add/edit/delete) any of your security groups, and manage their security rules

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